Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Home

So yesterday I made an appointment to meet with my new roommate. We were originally planning to sit and visit and have a tea, but she wanted to go for a walk instead; she's a university student and has been studying far too long and wanted to get moving.  I'm all for that since I had to go pick up something anyways.

I knew I liked her when I took the place, but I got to know her a bit more yesterday.  We did a lot of talking and I've come to find out she's well-traveled, having been to several places around the world (and going to more this summer).  She's vegan (which challenged me making my regular brownies into vegan brownies.. and they turned out fantastic, if not better if you can believe it!).  She's also Dutch and from my home town, but I might have already mentioned that.  She's just a really, really nice girl.  Well brought up, seems beyond her age.  I'm a bit sad actually, that we won't be sharing the place much together (she'll be going out when I'm coming in).  Maybe I'll go hang out there a bit in the next while before she leaves; I don't know (she's pretty busy with end-of-term studying so not much time for visiting).

The weather was nice enough yesterday that I walked out to the backyard (did I mention it backs onto the river? Where there's ducks??  I saw ducks!!  And geese.  The geese might have to go.  We're not friends).  I might have to annoy you with daily duck pictures.  I apologize in advance.  No, you know what.. I'm not going to feel bad about it.  Ducks make me happy :P  It's really nice and I'm going to enjoy, I think, sitting back there with my tea or coffee in the morning, or at night, listening to nature, watching the lights and sounds of the city. Another reason I'm anxious to get over there; it's a beautiful neighbourhood and should be a bit quieter than what I'm used to now.  I'm surrounded by wonderful old homes.  Seems like a family neighbourhood?  But I'm not sure yet; everyone's still hibernating.

This place makes me very happy.  It's got a good feel about it.

So... I've got the key and I'll start moving stuff in anytime; maybe this weekend when M. comes to visit (sorry, M., but hey, you get to see the new place) :D  Not that I have much packed up.  Sigh.  I'm not doing very well with this.  I could use help (volunteers?  Anyone?  Beuller?).

And it's Easter weekend (or as I've learned, Paasweekend, in Dutch).  Can't wait for M.'s visit, and maybe plan a special meal.  I'll get around to that as soon as I finish two projects on the go, packing, organizing, work, choir/church, cleaning, figuring things out about Babu, sorting stuff for donation......................


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