Monday, November 2, 2009

Animal Farm - So Far

Animal Farm has been quite an interesting read in respects to human behaviour (well, animals, but you all get the pretext). You can see right away that Orwell hates totalitarianism (get rid of the human running the farm) and to question authority. When they get rid of Jones (the farmer), the pigs set up a new system and at first, it's a diplomatic society. Decisions are made and then voted on as a group. But oddly, one pig leader (Naploeon) feels intimidated, I believe, by the smarts of another pig leader (Snowball) and ousts him. He ends up creating a dictatorship (hungry from power?), what they were trying to avoid in the first place.

Napoleon manipulates his people with lies about the previous leader, twists past occurrences to look in his favour. Over-works and under-feeds the other animals. Runs them ragged, but they keep working our of manipulation and fear.

It's then found some of the other animals have been in contact with Snowball and when Napoleon finds out he holds a group meeting to discover all who have done this. The animals, one by one, admit to having said contact and are martyred on the spot. There's this huge slaughter. Any remaining animals depart and they're very sad and depressed. Morale is low. They continue to question the authority.

We all question authority at some point, don't we?

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