Monday, November 16, 2009

The Insides Coming Out

So I've had a lot to deal with the past couple weeks. Let me delve into some of it...

I'm still doing a lot of thinking over a conversation with a friend a couple days ago. I think I know why I'm bothered by it and I'll approach her with it and we'll talk it out. This is someone who hasn't let me down; she's been a great friend. Even though we have a strong difference of opinion sometimes, she's assured me she's not going to become any less a friend because of it. Who'd a thunk.. more maturity I've seen from someone 10 yrs my junior, than I've seen inpeople my age or older.

Which leads me into losing a friend. This made me sad, because it was one-sided. But what bothered me about this person was that they didn't feel they could talk to me about what was wrong. It was easier for me to walk away, therefore, because I knew this person didn't respect me enough to talk to me as a simple human being. So I lost respect for them.

I'm still volunteering. Did I mention I was volunteering? At this retirement home behind me. It's going well :) I like old folks. Some of them just have a fantastic sense of humour. They appreciate having me at the home, too (the workers). We all get along really well. There's something that wants to keep part of me at a distance, though, and I'm not sure what (or why).

Ran into one of my regular patients' visitors (who's no longer at the hospital) at a restaurant, post-Mass. She informed me said ex-patient isn't doing well. This made me sad. I also have a couple of patients that are palliative so it'll be unfortunate as well when they go. I see their family, though, and they're so strong. They just try to make the patient so comfortable and never leave their side. It's touching.

Speaking of work, I learned something new this weekend; how to say "you're welcome" in sign language. I have a patient who's deaf (born deaf, lost sight 13 yrs ago) and his daughter and I 'talked' (she's also deaf). Okay, so it was mostly about his diet, but it was a very animated conversation :) (with the help of my pen and paper and her blackberry). And this man is so sweet, always smiling or chuckling. I just wanna squeeze him like a teddy bear.

Well, I think that about calls it a wrap. There's other stuff, but it's highly personal and not suited for the interwebs. Hope y'all had a great weekend!

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