Thursday, November 5, 2009

Uneasy Times. Work Babble...

Strict times call for more strict measures. We received an email at work today detailing the new visitor policy. As follows....

"We are tightening our visitor policy due to the large amounts of illness in the community at this time and the high possibility some visitors are contagious but don't know it. As a result, starting today, Nov. 4, all visitors must wear surgical masks when visiting and no visitors under the age of 12 are allowed. This is just the first step in introducing more restrictions on our visitors to help protect both patients and staff.

The next step begins Nov. 10, when each patient will be asked to designate only two people who can visit during the length of his or her hospital stay. Two wristbands will be supplied to each patient and visitors must be wearing wristbands in order to enter a Unit and only then during visiting hours of 2pm-8pm. Some exceptions will be made for compassionate reasons."

I have to be honest; they're not bad policies. Strict. But not bad. All we have to do is wait for the zombie outbreak *smirk*. If anyone knows of similar policies going on, wherever you are, I would love to hear them.

A friend of mine received the shot a couple days ago and didn't feel well after at all. Weak, dizzy and had to go home from work. She says never again. So we each have our own individual reaction.

We're working VERY short at the hospital. In my department, at least. We worked short tonight, but somehow we pulled through. Hate working short all the time. It's starting to ruffle my feathers. I'd better stop before I get into a work gripe.

Unrelated, two very odd things happened to me the other night at work. One I don't feel comfortable talking about here (and I'm still partly uneasy about it). I'm going to let some time pass on that one first. But I got to witness my second seizure. Scary stuff. I was just delivering dinner and one of my patients started a seizure. Thankfully a nurse was just around the corner, so I grabbed her. She started doing her thing. I asked her if there was anything else I could do and she said to grab another nurse. Naturally, none are in the hall when you need 'em, so I had to run down all the way to the nurses station. Told 2 nurses there and they went running. I didn't know Valium (5mg in this case) was administered during a seizure, so that was interesting. Watched that for a bit, cause, yeah. Seizures are a scary thing, the way the body just completely takes over. It's fascinating.

Ahh.. life and times at a hospital...

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