Saturday, November 28, 2009

Not Enough Hours in the Day

I'm trying not to panic. Yes, we all know panic solves nothing, but this is what I do.

In about 24 hrs I have to have this place spic-and-span clean. Spotless. I'm having a PartyLite candle party tomorrow and though the numbers attending are few and they all know me and that I shouldn't be worried how my place looks, I worry anyways. I don't know when I'll find the time to clean. I've picked up a shift for tonight (that I didn't really want, though I suppose I'll be happy when the paycheque comes in). So I don't have all day to clean today, like I would have originally. And I kinda need the 'all day' mentality to clean, or I feel rushed, then I don't feel like doing it (I didn't say I made any sense). So then I'll be rushed tomorrow morning to clean pre-party, and that's okay but it's a different sort of rushed. And that means I won't be able to attend Mass (originally planned for tonight) because I have to work, and now clean. Bah! I'm pissed because it's been two weeks and this is the first week of Advent, so I really should go. I'm going to sacrifice it, though, and clean instead. Careful. I know I lead a pretty exciting life. You're envious right now, aren't you.

And I know I was made to work today because hot deaf guy is going to be with his mom at the hospital today (well, God-willing) and the universe is going to make me ask him out myself, since all attempts the past week have been fruitless. I've also added this on my stress-o-meter.

Today might finally be winter coat day. It's getting chilly enough that my layers just aren't doing it anymore. At a brisk 2C (37 F for my American friends) , who can blame me? What? I should have had it on a while ago? Naw.. it's been great weather till now.

I dreamed that I had a had a dream, last night. In the dream-dream a friend passed away. I was very upset! Then I woke up from that dream and realized (in the other dream) it was a lesson/message. An interesting one now in consciousness that I can't see the connection, but I digress. I know this makes no sense to you. I'm babbling because I'm nervous about tonight and well...*looking around the apartment*... I'd better start that cleaning.


hydra said...

It could mean that that friend needs your attention right now. Hope your evening went well!

Perovskia said...

It's funny because the friend was actually in the hospital at the time for a procedure, and the lesson was related to someone else (and another situation) entirely. I don't know what he would have needed me for; we're close, but not that close. Surely he has others he can go to. Though I suppose I shouldn't question it and just try to check in with him more.

(The evening went okay and the candle party was great!)

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