Thursday, December 17, 2009


Well, how's everyone's week going? We're almost done.

I've got one more day to go at work then I'm off for 3 days. Something big has come up this weekend and I'm slightly full of nerves. Happy, but anxious. Best not to worry about 'what if' and just focus on the positive, which there has the potential to be lots of.

Work was weird tonight. Great, I mean, cause it was dead quiet. I was on the 5th floor (which I hadn't been on in months, I was afraid I was forgetting parts of the routine) and I ended up twiddling my thumbs. It was fantastic.

I finally have some official Christmas plans. I'm very excited. I get to spend it with my family Christmas Eve. I don't get to see this side of the family as often as I'd like so I'm very, very happy. My sister will be picking me up along the way. I'm sure people will be drinking so I won't be going that night. Looks like I'll be getting to know the couch. It's all good.

Money, it seems, is disappearing into an invisible vortex. Honestly, where does it all go? Ugh.

Well, I'd better change out of my scrubs and into something comfy, pop in a movie and do some knitting :)

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