Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Business Idea

We were at work the other day.  Christmas Day, I believe.  My co-workers (2 others) and I wrapping cutlery (for meal trays) and I was talking about the baking I did for the holidays.  My one colleague, a student, says that I could "totally" teach her how to bake.  She admits she's pretty clueless (after speaking to her about some baking methods I realized the poor dear wasn't lying).  Which turned into how I could "totally" teach others to bake and turn it into a side business.  I could teach students, guys who wanted to impress their girlfriends, and so on, and so on.

After some discussion and thought, it just might not be a bad idea.  The problem would be how to figure out what to charge.  I could have it at my place since I'd have all the accessories/supplies needed (I have no car to travel around) and basic ingredients.   Would I have them bring additional/special ingredients needed?  Would I get them and charge more?  I don't want this to be complicated, but I do need to figure out details.

Anyways, I'm sending it out to the interwebs to hear your thoughts.  What do you think?  Be honest.  You won't be offending me :)  Things you think I should, or shouldn't do?



Bix said...

I would try it as a hobby first. Get it going and see how you like it. You can get through all the learning curves that way.

Perovskia said...
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Perovskia said...

I very much agree. That student (my co-worker) would be my 'test subject', and maybe she'd refer a couple of her friends and whatnot. Go through maybe 10-20 people before 'announcing' anything official/public.

I'd deleted my comment to add an additional comment, but now I forget what that comment was *sigh*. I'll get back to ya on that.

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