Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Calming Down

Well, the 'rush' of this time of year is starting to settle down.  I braved the mall today and managed to walk out without killing anyone.  I'm an introvert and I have a slight case of social anxiety (if too many people get too close, I get a little batty.  Can't do crowds like I used to.  Not to mention my agoraphobia).  Baking is done, finally.  I made cookies, butter tarts and dark chocolate rum truffles (which are VERY chocolaty).  Yum.  Tills, when I drop off your movie/book sometime, I'll bring some for you (if there's any left over *snicker*).

There's just social/family visits to arrange now.  Since family Christmas is postponed, I have the option of getting together with my sister, but she's an hour and some away.  I don't know if all transit is sold out for this time of year or not.  Looking into making those arrangements, or not going at all.

If I don't go, there's another place I can go Christmas Eve; a friend who's been like a third family to me.  So either way, I shouldn't be alone.  God willing.

Well, off to work I go.  Hope everyone is well.

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