Monday, February 1, 2010

My Weekend

What a relaxing weekend.  I haven't had one this nice, I think, for a long time.

Saturday - Slept in since I had a bit of insomnia the night before.  A friend and I (we'll call her C.Z) went to the city's Organic Conference.  We planned to originally go to a workshop and listen to someone speak, but ended up just touring and looking at all the booths.  I brought home a lot of literature.  There's an organic wine I found I wouldn't mind trying.  Talked about how I don't like chardonnay (never have), but he (the owner) thinks I don't like warm-climate chardonnays and suggested I try a cold-climate one (his).  He's got the challenge, I told him.  I'm looking forward to trying it (I'm a merlot, girl, myself).  Anyhoo, walked about, came across the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (cban) who are advocating against Monsanto GE'd food (I'm going to get into this in another post).  I was happy to pick up a ready-written, no-postage-needed postcard where I just sign my name and it gets sent to our Minister of Health.

Went to Mass, but went to Confession first.  Gah.  It went well, then it didn't go well.  All I can say is after my confessions, I had a brief discussion with my priest about my veiling (I wear a veil to church and have just the last few months; there's a long story behind this).  He's not in favour of it at all, and expressed without saying as much, his disinterest of it (I'm not sure of his spiritual, political or personal reasons for this).  And he did it in a very, 'pshaw', 'pfft' sort of way; completely disrespectful.  In a Confessional, this is not acceptable protocol to me and I was upset and couldn't concentrate the rest of Mass.  That being said, I may be taking something too personally that I don't need to. In that I mean, I don't know *why* I'm veiling.  Sounds silly, I know.  I felt I was called to, I had an experience, it served its it's just..habit.  *sigh*  I know this is difficult if you don't understand the concept of veiling (or if you're under 50, quite honestly), so this is just babble.  Oh, want some irony?  For my penance, I was told to pray for Haiti.  I know God was looking down, laughing.

Anyways, after Mass, had some retail therapy.  I bought 2 great new tops and a new cell phone *cough*.  I didn't like the company I was with (Virgin), they had their 3 strikes and I'm back with Telus where I'm happyyyy :)  So I've been playing with my new toy.

Sunday - Today has been *fabulous*.  Woke up a little early to have breakfast (pancakes, coffee, o.j) ready for C.Z at 10am (she was cantor at both Masses this morning; this was the break between the two).  Had a wonderful, yet brief breakfast with lots of talk.  She left and I got some cleaning and studying done.  Then the afternoon just went sooooo sloooooow.  It was kind of nice.  I'm tired as hell, though, from waking up early, so I suspect I'll be going to bed shortly after my show tonight.

In fact, I think I'm going to slip in an hour of studying before Iron Chef America comes on (Bobby Flay is battling Michael Smith!  Smith better win or I might have to cry a little).

Hope everyone had a GREAT (and warm!) weekend!

P.S - I'm still feeling awkward.


hydra said...

I have never liked Chardonnay either. Have you tried the cold weather one yet? If so, what was it like?

Perovskia said...

I haven't yet, but I'll post as soon as I do. I had to find the correct store that carries it.

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