Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saturday Ramble Pt. II

Well... I'm at my parents restaurant killing time.  I can't help because of my arm. I tried chopping an onion and that was enough for me.  So I'm bored.  There's only so much standing, watching, being-in-the-way one can do.  What else is there to do but peruse the internet?  So I'm hiding in the office.  My brother was kind enough to pick me up this afternoon so we could 'hang' and I'm staying here for the duration of his shift.  I could go back to his place, but.. meh.  Maybe.  It's still early-ish.

When I first got here, I did some window shopping.  It's a small tourist town with a lot of quaint shops and I was finally able to get into some stores I missed last time I was here.  Went to a French-based store (everything's from France) and I fell in love with a Provencal tablecloth. *sigh* I picked up a pashmina for a friend as she fell in love with mine.  Shh.. it's a secret.  :)  Also picked up a new kitchen utensil - a whisk.  A flat one, good for whisking eggs, etc.

Which reminds me!  In this kitchen store which my parents supply from all the time, the man was trying to sell me a copper bowl.  Apparently "magic happens" when eggs are used in copper bowls.  My step-mother confirmed this (the chef of the family) saying it was age-old wisdom.  Well.. where the hell have I been?  I didn't know this.  Oh.. did I mention the bowl was $240.  Pfft.  Anyways, I am curious about this now, and will do further research (something about the alchemy between the copper and the egg whites?).  Has anyone had experience with this?

I've been since told by my brother I'm staying the night.  "But I don't have a brush! (grabbing my hair) or my toothbrush!!"  "Rough it," he says.  Lord.  I said, "I'm not in high school anymore".  All I got was an unsympathetic, "So?".   So apparently I'm 'roughing it'... finding a church service to go to in the morning (conveniently a short walk from his house) and we will come back to the restaurant for brunch.  Mmmm... more fooooood.

I'm bloody tired.  Have been since I woke up.  And now I'm up extra early for Mass in the morning.  Hmm.. it's a good thing Babu has a full food and water dish.

Well, I'm going to see if I can't make myself useful, even if to just dry glasses...


hydra said...

I have never heard of the copper and egg alchemy. Must look it up. What style of cuisine do your parents serve in the restaurant? Hope you get free meals!

Perovskia said...

lol.. I get the odd free meal, but mostly discounted (i.e yesterdays brunch buffet).

They try to observe the 100 Mile Diet as much as possible. I can't say they serve any particular 'style'. Just REALLY good food :)

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