Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Something Occurred To Me

Something randomly occurred to me today.  It goes along the lines of the, 'everything happens for a reason' theory.

I have problems asking for help.  Especially at work.  I've perfected the floor I'm on (the busiest of the 3) to be the fastest, most efficient person on it - because I never ask for help.  I do it all on my own.  I have a lot of pride; is that a sin? (Don't answer that, it was a rhetorical question..heh).  Even when I get busy, I wait until the last minute when things are piled up to ask for help (which is a little wrong. I should be asking for it earlier).  I'm stubborn, what can I say.  Anyways, with this whole.. arm incident thing.. I'm *forced* to ask for help.  I can't do everything on my own.  So life is teaching me a lesson.

I thought that was interesting.


hydra said...

Yes, it's funny how that happens, but it does. It's just as if there was some huge cosmic balancing act going on.

Perovskia said...

It's been painfully difficult to ask for help. I've had to humble myself and swallow my pride, as it were. But, I'm learning. Slowly :)

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