Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Ramble

Oye.  When I went to the salon this morning to get my eyebrows done, my usual girl wasn't there.  Another girl greeted me to tell me it was "a slow day" and because she "has to drive in" she called in her shift.  "No one called me," I said.  The girl was nice enough about it and gave me the option to back out (she wouldn't be in till next Thurs) or I could use her.  I stood and thought about it; if I waited till next Thurs, I'd be hairy-bushwoman.  Or I could get them cleaned up and visit T. again when she's in, perhaps waiting less time than I usually do.  I bit the bullet and kept the app't.  It just wasn't the same, though.  There was no 'dishing' of girl gossip.  T. knows how my eyebrows are shaped and uses little tweezing to do it (not today - ouch!).  So I made a passing comment when I went to pay at reception that I would appreciate a call next time, as I'll only deal with T. and wouldn't have come in otherwise.  They were kind enough to make a note on my file.  Listen, don't judge.  This is the one time a month I am a gurl and indulge in something for me.  Is having my regular girl too much to ask?

My shoulder and arm is very, very sore.  That's all I have to say.

I have a three day weekend.  I'm super happy about this (more so because my arm can rest), even though I have nothing planned, which I'm a bit bummed about.  I DID have plans to have a movie date with my sister (to watch 'Julie and Julia') but she backed out.  Again.  Grr.  So I'm currently texting my brother to see if he wants to hang.  There's a specialty kitchen store in town a girlfriend and I want to check out, so might do that too.  And Mass tonight too, of course.

I've been a little lax in not keeping up with pictures for the unofficial Babu Week.  Sorry.  Things got in the way.  And well, he hasn't been that entertaining.  Clingy and needy, but not entertaining.

I think I'm done with winter.  I might pack up my snowmen *gasp*.  I long for the day I can go for a spring walk.  Open the windows and let the breeze in.

Well, here's hoping everyone has a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

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