Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hormones, Men and Classics

Good morning, world.

Well, I've had my head in the books the past few days and it paid off - I'm (almost) finished with my final.  Well, of one course, anyways.  After this one, I can rest a few days before I start my last two courses for the program.

The following paragraph is gurl stuff - skip if you wish (I warned you :)).  Since being off the pill, my body has been taking me through a slight adventure.  I've been breaking out a bit as the wonderful synthetic hormones purge themselves.  I find I don't get the PMS "crazies", which is a blessing.  Before, my emotions on PMS were like, an 8 out of 10.  Now?  Perhaps a subtle 2 or 3.  No kidding.  And uh.. I've become a little more (when I say a little, I mean a lot) can I say... lascivious? (it's okay if you look it up, I had to) :)  Though while this itself isn't a bad thing, it is when one doesn't have a partner to take said frustrations out on ;)  On a side note, though, I haven't had my cycle for 36 days.  I'm not expecting things to run smoothly the first month out, but c'mon, let's get things in gear.

On the flip side, I can't stop thinking about the ex.  I was hesitant sharing this with the world, but what the hell, I share everything else.  I usually keep things like this in my head, let myself work through them, etc.  But not today.  It's difficult to let go of someone you promised your life to.  It's even more difficult, that despite everything you've been through (eveny the bad), part of you thinks you're still meant to be with them.  It's that feeling, deep, deep down inside that you can literally feel when you're connected to someone.  And if it is true, I don't think that time is now.  I'm holding fast onto my convictions of everything I've learned and I won't settle for anything less than worthy.  This is the lesson I've had to learn.

I've added another book to the library; Persuasion, by Jane Austen.  It's amongst my list of classics and I read bits of it before bed.  I've just begun, so I can't tell you yet how I like it so far :)

It's Thursday!  I can't tell you how happy I am about this.  I've been having frustrations at work, so I'm anxious to get the week over with.  Hope it's been a good week for everyone!


hydra said...

I found it took at least a year to get 'unconnected'. And with your hormones all over the place, it must be doubly difficult. You could try buying yourself a - can I mention this on your page? Delete it if I can't - v******r!!!!!

Perovskia said...

LOL. Yeah, it's okay. The more time goes on, the more I don't care what's said on this bloody thing. People can read it, or not :)

I do in fact have one, and a couple other various items in the bedside table - and those will have to do the job (haha, pun intended) until a suitable suitor comes along. I'm not the 'ol girl who used to go out and.. well.. we'll leave that one alone :)

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