Friday, March 26, 2010


Well world, I started to feel like crap last night before bed and I knew somethin' was comin' on.  I'd hoped I would have slept it off, though.

I got some sleep, not a full night and woke up with the Plague 'O Death my boss had 2 weeks ago (and continues to have, while still coming to work, thank you).  It serves me right - I've been eating nothing but sugar the past 4 weeks (thanks hormones, sans pill) and for fighting off getting sick earlier in the season.  I called in for my shift tonight.  Had a nap (for 3 hours. I never nap 3 hours) and I feel worse for it after.

So...The Bucket List is on the 'to do' list tonight.  It looks like it's a weekend in, so if you have any other movie suggestions for the weekend, I'd appreciate it :)


hydra said...

Poor you! You've been working so hard, you're probably really run down. Get well soon.

Perovskia said...

Thanks, Hydra. I've been doing nothing but rest. I look and feel like hell so I hope it passes quickly.

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