Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Human Nature, Pt. II

I was doing some studying tonight (okay, I still am - just taking a break) and while reading my Communications course, I came across this.  I think it kind of ties in with my last post.  We avoid confrontation to avoid conflict, but there doesn't always have to be *conflict*.

Eight Techniques To Find Common Ground

~ Put their case first
~ Build two bridges
~ Offer a choice
~ Give to get
~ Defuse conflict
~ Find something to admire
~ Don't make quitting an option
~ Keep them involved

Okay, so maybe they're more business-oriented, but it doesn't hurt to try to apply some of them to your personal relationships, rather than just your relationships at work.  You end up practicing empathy, assertiveness, compassion, understanding whilst creating options - and that's never a bad thing.

*side note: Re: "don't make quitting an option" - When in personal relationships/friendships, I believe this *can* be an option. Sometimes it's just time to quit - and you both know it.  I'm just a girl who likes to give it her all, is all.  If I try 110%, then I can walk away knowing I did my best and my conscience can be at ease.

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