Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snowed In

CBC, I just found out, is hosting Saturday Night Blues show tonight.  I'm more of a jazz and classical girl... but I'm just in the mood for some good 'ol blues (I love John Lee Hooker).

We're getting a fantastic snowfall tonight.  It started snowing on my way to Mass (before 5) and I was covered by the time I got in the church.  Good homily tonight (don't ask me to repeat it, though, I have short-term memory).  To my pleasant surprise, I met up with CZ and boyfriend after and visited briefly, exchanged a quick smile with JC and battled the roads home.  Despite snow coming up way past my ankles, my Merrells held up.  I love you, Merrell.  Feet are warm and dry.  I'm enjoying the snow from my windows only now and am writing by candle light.  Oh, and accompanied by a nice, hot tea :)

Hmm.. now how can I broach the next subject ever so vaguely.  I've discussed with a couple people some recent happenings with JC.  Some people get it, some people don't.  Then I wonder why I discuss things at all.  I went through the same scenario with the ex (though an entirely different situation).  I think humans are funny that we need to discuss things with others to get their opinions, thoughts, observances, judgments (don't misinterpret that as I like to be judged, I'm just saying it happens sometimes).  We don't look within enough to slow down and experience what we feel (or I should say we don't slow down enough to look within?).  Our hearts, minds and body will often guide us.  We just don't always want to listen.  I might say I won't know what to do about a particular situation, but I know full well it's because I haven't slowed down enough to 'listen'.  Anyways, the whole point of me bringing this up is that I fear some people don't understand if I don't do something they suggested (and they may have my best interests at heart or are coming from a good place) and I feel criticized.  I went through this with K.  People didn't understand what I was doing (and I can assure you, as a result, thought I was crazy) but I found out not long ago it *was* for a reason and I did the right thing.  So.. maybe I just need to stop discussing shit.  Which is tough, because that 'being human to a fault' comes in and I like discussing things with my friends.  We all do that, right?  So... what's a girl to do?  I don't know.  All I know is when I quiet everything around me, listen within and to The Big Guy, I'm guided correctly.  So I guess I just answered my own question/rant/whine.

There was something else I wanted to philosophize about, but I'm at a loss now.  I think it's a good time to get ready for bed and relax with a book.  Enjoy your Saturday night.  Be careful if you're surrounded by snow; try not to go out if you don't have to, be safe if you do.  Snuggle up with someone.  Stay warm :)

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hydra said...

Oh, I so agree. I also fall into that trap of asking the opinions of others rather than looking within myself. Confused by their advice, I have dithered and missed out on things. Thank you for reminding me that the answers lie within.

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