Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's Up, Doc?

So I (finally) had my long-awaited appointment with my new internist yesterday.  Not only is he young and cute (that didn't hurt at all) but he takes unorthodox approaches (which suits me just fine).

Consensus (and random points): I'm definitely not getting enough fiber (though I already knew this).  I have to increase fiber 2mg/day/week until I reach 25g fiber/day (I'm currently sitting about half or less).  Increase insoluble fiber.  He wants me to switch from yellow to green bananas.  Keep up on the probiotics.

Oh, (not so) funny story; the last G.I I was with I left because he was an arrogant ass.  I don't care how smart you are (and he was), you don't talk to me in your office and make me feel this small when I'm coming to you about long-term, very frustrating problem.  Besides, he said it was IBS and wasn't interested in investigating further.  New doc asked me if I've ever been tested for Celiac; I said I didn't think so, it had never been communicated to me.  Yeah, I had.  The last guy did it when he did my scopes and didn't tell me (they're in the same office, thus share records).  I was pissed.  Two years of wondering for nothing. Well, I can rule that out, thank God.

We discussed medication possibilities but he *gets* that I don't want to medicate if I don't have to and isn't pushy about it and he *gets* and communicated in a way about how we need to de-sensitize the nerves in the gut.  Also, he's sending me (per my request) for a bacteria test.  I'll have to go to Toronto for that, we don't have the facilities here (yay, Toronto day trip!).

The only downside of the meeting was he still thinks it's IBS.  Meh.  Fine.  I didn't bother to get into the whole discussion about how I think IBS is a by-product of another issue (I'm starting to think it's a moot point with gastroenterologists).  Having said that, we might entertain PCOS or endomitriosis (corresponding with other symptoms I have).  I need to articulate and write down my symptoms my next cycle.  But we're going to do that in our follow-up appointment in 2 months and after I try these dietary changes.

All in all, I'm pleased.  I'm leery to feel skeptical; so many doctors have failed me in the past, but I'm trying not to fail him before he actually does.  I'll think positive and do the changes he asked.. and we'll go from there!


hydra said...

It sounds as if he seriously wants to help you - which is good. And he's a hunk - which is even better. Count your blessings!!!

Perovskia said...

Heh.. I'm counting :)

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