Thursday, May 5, 2011

Catch-up And Ramble

So I sit here with my organic cereal and Metamucil (every time I say that I feel like an old lady) and figured the best time to write was before the day even started.  The past couple days have been good (well, I've been off work, so there's your reason) and spent with friends, so my mood is a bit better.  Later today will be a bit of a busy one; work then choir practice.  A late night with an early morning to follow.  Ugh.

Health - Things are going alright.  I'm on two new meds and they're actually making a difference.  Things aren't perfect or cured by any means, but for the most part, it's improving my quality of life - slowly.  I still can't eat what I want yet, though (and I forget that sometimes. My body is sure to tell me when it's retaliating).  But I've got pills now that I take on occasion that let me travel a bit out of the city.  That's new to me.  I've been anchored in this damn town (as much as I love it) for the past 6 years; I'm happy to be able to travel a bit more now.  I made a trip to CZ's farm (1.5-2 hrs away) without even breaking a sweat.  It was flawless.  I was so excited!  (It's the small things.)  So anyways... the one medication I'm taking on a daily basis, I don't feel great about; it's got a couple ingredients I dislike (aspartame, for one) but it's seems to be helping take the bad bacteria out of the small intestine - which apparently was the problem (whole, or in part of).  And no one says I have to be on it forever, right?  God help me I hope not.

Work - Bleh.

Apartment - I'm kind of stoked to see a new place, I'm not gonna lie.  There are two available in the unit (of just 2 units; one main floor, one upstairs).  One I can easily afford (in fact, I'll even be saving money) and the second I'll have to do some number crunching.  I might be able to talk him down *shrug*

I have to comment on something.  Read my mind that I want to discuss the death of a particular world leader/very bad guy this past week.  (Sorry, but once you've been with military, you avoid the use of buzz-words, so I won't say his name.)  I don't usually bring such high profile issues to my blog, I don't think, but this one's kind of personal.  I won't reveal all my opinions, but please know these are MY opinions, and don't necessarily reflect the opinions of a) anyone else or b) anyone else similar in my past/current situation.  I'm so scared and hesitant to get excited about it.  Part of me is still in shock.  I (and many others) have been waiting for this day for years, for each of our own reasons.  YEARS.  Having had a relationship with K has tied me closer to this war that I ever wanted; it was the reason he re-enlisted, the reason I never saw him very often.  The death of this man, to me, always symbolized K would be one step closer to coming home.  Don't be fooled... there's a lot of work to be done; just because he's dead doesn't mean the fighting will stop.  But you know what?  We're that much damn closer to the end.  So... I'm not ready to accept this piece of information yet.  The world will continue to rejoice and I will sit back with skepticism.  Why?  I don't know.

Does anyone wanna go to work for me this afternoon?  Sure you do.  C'mon.  It'll be fun.

I think I'm gonna start my day now.  Been feeling really tired lately and not sure why, so doing things will take effort.

It's Thursday!  The weekend's almost here.  Hope you've had a good week!


hydra said...

Glad the meds are helping. I'd love to know what it is that helps you travel out of town, as this is something I still can't do without getting ill!

Perovskia said...

Cholestyramine is the one I take daily. It binds any bad bacteria in the small intestine and forms a resin and excretes it.

Lomotil is the one I use when travelling :)

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