Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Good Day

I woke up this morning with VERY little energy.  In fact, I still wanted to sleep another couple hours.  I dragged my ass the majority of the morning but somehow made it to market (while feeling nauseous), where my egg guy DIDN'T have eggs.  Sigh.  We seriously need to set up a messaging system.

Was delighted to find out I'd be spending time with AC today.  We headed to a local park where one of her friends/coworkers was playing Aussie-style football.  Now, I didn't know anything about it going in.. but WOW is it a contact sport.  They weren't even wearing padding.  I almost saw it as a mix of soccer, football and lacrosse, if that made any sense.  It was so fun to watch.  In fact, I'm including a couple pictures for you.  These are both complements of AC, so thank her photographic skillz.

Me!  If you make it bigger, you can see AC's reflection in my sunglasses :)

Okay, for some reason the other pictures of hers I saved off FB won't load here, so I'll have to change their format or something, and I'm too tired for that right now. So.... a pic of me will have to do :)


hydra said...

Nice pic! It looks like warm weather there. It's windy, grey and chilly here. Hope you can find the cause of that nausea.

Perovskia said...

It was warm then! But we're down to 8 today with dreary rain - for 5 days. Ugh. Nausea went away :)

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