Saturday, January 21, 2012


This sick business is for the birds.  I have no energy, I barely rested today (not without trying - I found it difficult to), I'm achy, I have zero energy and I only breathe out of one nostril.  Needless to say I'm getting a little cranky.  I caved and ordered pizza (thanks, MK ;).  Yes, with regular (non GF) crust.  Yes, with cheese (dairy).  Don't poke the bear.

I called in for tomorrow's shift and will take it off to rest, hoping I'm well enough for Sunday's shift.  Thank goodness I banked some vacation hours; I'll have to use them.

After my pizza comes, I'll get my butt back to bed and force myself to try and get some sleep.  I'm going to sit back with a Band of Brothers episode (running through the series, on Ep. 7 now).  I love that they're short enough; I don't have to pop in a 2 hr movie.  Very convenient (if I finish this, JK, and I'm still sick, I may need to come borrow MASH).

Oh, per a suggestion from a friend I got (er, a friend ran errands for me today for some necessities) NAKA's Vital Liquid Greens.  This is apparently power-house stuff and will start taking it in the morning.  Anyone else have experience with it?

Y'know, I haven't been sick like this in a year... maybe two.  I have this belief that while it's not necessary to get sick often, especially if you have a good immune system, it may benefit one to get sick once in a while/rarely.  How else does one fend off communal sickness/illness?  Is my thinking flawed?  What do you think?  I find when I don't get sick for a while and then do... it REALLY hits me.  I remember reading this article once that this guy hadn't been sick in years.  I thought.. good for him.  How can I compete with that?  So.. should we catch the odd common cold and build up our immune system or try and stave them off as much as we can?


hydra said...

I agree. We get run down and need to coddle ourselves in bed for a couple of days, to rest and recharge our batteries. We shouldn't feel guilty when our bodies are telling us what we need. Hope you'll feel better soon.

Perovskia said...

Well, I ignored the symptoms at first; a lot of good that did me.. I get slammed with it later. It's so hard for us to slow down, isn't it? But when we don't listen to our bodies, we're forced to (literally, I don't have energy for anything and I have to stay in bed).

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