Sunday, January 15, 2012

Quiet Weekend

It's my last weekend off for a little while.  I kind of got used to this.. having weekends off.. thing.  I often found myself twiddling my thumbs once in a while unsure of what to do and how to fill time, but it was quickly filled with reading, knitting, movie-watching (btw, Red State, by Kevin Smith?  Wow) and today.. baking.  GF Dark Chocolate Brownies.  They're baking as I speak.  Mmmm.  I was going to do laundry, but it's being used.  Ah, the joys of communal facilities; these days, I soon hope will end.

I've hit a bit of a wall in my self-work.  I'm at a pinnacle of, "What am I afraid of?" but I have no answer (or I have an answer and my subconscious isn't ready to voice it yet).  Am I afraid to truly be happy (pertaining to relationships (or not))?  Am I afraid of success?  Am I afraid of branching off with a sort-of new career?  Ugh.. this all sends knots in my stomach, so I'm going to say yes.  Perhaps not fear, but definite anxiety.  There's a lot more I can say here, but it's a bit too personal just yet and not ready for publication.  I know, this blog is a bit of a bare-all, but, this will have to wait.  *breathes out the anxiety and remembers to re-visit it later*

Mmm.. I smell chocolaaaate...

Was referred to and visited a Dermatologist last week; had a mole removed my doctor was concerned about (my third).  On my back - so it's impossible for self-care.  Thank goodness for nurse friends :)  Stitches come out and results obtained in a few days.  Melanoma, I'm told, spreads fast and is one of the cancers that can actually kill you, so we're swift to stay on top of things.

Choir has been going well, but I'm not at all pleased with my voice.  I start out alright, but my voice gets worse with use (read: not one constant range, not strong, wavers).  It was suggested I might be developing a cold and I have been coughing a bit more than not lately, so possible.  I just wish I knew how to sing *properly*.  Vocal lessons, I *cannot* afford.

~Wow~  Whoever said GF food has to be dull and tasteless has NOT tasted these brownies.  God, I'm a fabulous baker.  See?  This is why I need to move and obtain a larger kitchen.  The space I have now does NOT suffice.

Alright.. the rest of the evening calls and I think I'm going to kick back with a movie on TV, some knitting, dinner and brownie-eating :)  Hope y'all have had a great weekend and got to relax before a new week begins.  If it's cold where you are - stay warm!

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