Monday, January 23, 2012

The Plague, Pt. 5

We have to think of a nickname for my noisy neighbour.  I have many choice words, which I'm sure are not suitable for a proper young lady to repeat in public.

Anyways, said neighbour.  Well, as I was in bed for 20:00 (8pm), that's when she started her stuff.  Wine bottles were heard clanging, friends chattering, smoke alarm going off, blah blah blah.  I just laid in bed with my eyes shut until they left for the bar at 23:30.  Ahhh.. quiet.  ... until I was abruptly woken at 03:00 when they came barging in from the bar, thrice as loud as before.  They weren't back 2 min and I called the cops lodging a noise complaint.  I mean dude.. have some respect.  I've lived in a house my entire life.  I chose not to live in apartment buildings AND THIS IS WHY.  *huff*  Anyhoo.. I met the cops in the hall about a half hour later (I buzzed them in) and spoke with them a few minutes.  They were super nice and went and spoke to the crowd.  I heard a few of them leave (they sound like elephants in the hall) and just when I thought I'd have quiet.... there was still a few of them who stayed behind.  I heard them until 0500.  Y'know what?  I give up.

Needless to say I didn't go into work today.  I called in for tomorrow, too.  The only way for me to fall asleep these days (since napping is difficult) is with alcohol - so I'm doing just that right now.  Babu's on the pillow beside me, hanging out.  He just gave himself a bath & is winding down for the night and I'm sitting here talking to you.. with a hot toddy.  Thank God for brandy.

Today didn't consist of much.  I finally fell asleep after they stopped, around 0600 and slept until noon.  I've just been hanging out; ate a bit, sit back with the computer, watched a BoB tonight (Episode 9.. one more to go!) and did some dishes.  While I'm not stuffed all the time, I am getting a bit more of a cough.  I'm starting to get a bit antsy, not having been out of the house for a couple days, nor seeing anyone.  I hope to venture out tomorrow, God-willing I get a good enough sleep tonight.

Ugh.. you poor thing.. having to read my pointless, whiny dribble the past couple days while I've been cooped inside, sick.  Well, thanks for being a trooper.  Cross your fingers I get more strength to venture out to 3D people.


hydra said...

Get well soon! I really do sympathise about noisy neighbours. It makes my property hunt really difficult. I can't bear anyone else's noise invading my space and especially if it keeps me awake. I am trying Bach flower remedies to get me to sleep at the moment. They worked the first two nights, but not last night. *sigh*

Perovskia said...

Ooh.. you made me remember I have Bach Rescue Remedy. Forgot all about it.

I hope you got more sleep again.

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