Thursday, January 5, 2012

Feeling Cramped

I need more room.

My always-evolving baking skillz are taking up more room in my kitchen than I can afford.  The one shelf I have devoted to my baking pantry is full to the brim, and even beyond.  It's starting to spill over to another shelf, and it can't because THAT shelf is other regular pantry items.  How can I stock and save money and make meals if.. I can't stock?  I really only have one upper cupboard to devote to food.  That's not a lot, is it.  With this and other minor issues (parking when having company, noisy/inconsiderate partying neighbours, etc) - it's time to move.

So, this summer I am hoping to be in a new residence.  I have an idea of what I'd like (from what's worked in the past, what I've seen in the area around me) and I have a small list of must-haves, but other than that, it's free-reign.  I'm not going to put a lot of effort into the search, though.  I'm leaving it to word-of-mouth (this means you if you're local :) ), and I might do the odd search, but that's it.  I'm leaving it with the mentality, "if it's meant to be, it'll come to me".


Bix said...

I hope you find a nice place!

hydra said...

Good luck! You and Babu deserve it. Hope you find somewhere with lots of kitchen cupboards!

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