Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Clear Skies Ahead

*breathes a sigh of relief*

I'll preface this post by saying a) things have never come easy for me. Ever. If you've known me from a child, you'll know this is true. I'll also say that b) it's very foreign for me when they do. Very. Foreign. "Sure, I'll fit that square block in that circle frame". Foreign.

I recieved 2 (of 4) of my assignments back from my course. 86% on one (not as much as I'd liked) and 96% on the other :)

But wow does it feel good when it happens. To know I've succeeded. To know I've evolved. To know I've actually become.. *gasp*.. intelligent! I never thought I was smart, and part of me still doesn't. With always getting C's and D's in public and highschool, one doesn't have a tendency to feel.. smart/intelligent/good/*worthy* (there's that word again). But I've beat that. I beat my past. You have no idea how mentally satiated I feel. I think I might.. I just might.. feel as smart as those I surround myself with.

There's something to be said for... how can I say... being in alignment with the world around you. With... doing what comes naturally. I studied and went to school for architecture. I LOVED it. It was my passion. But.. I struggled with it. With nutrition, it's a field I never (ever) saw myself in, but I pick it up really easily and, as we now see, I'm good at it. I "get" it. This is a first for me since I've always struggled with educational material.

Well folks, I've talked your ears off enough. Thanks for listening to the squak box. I'm going to go and sit in contentment for a while now :)

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