Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Well, in a couple days I'll be going through a couple of procedures at the hospital. The ever familiar gastroscopy (endoscopy) and the ever invasive colonoscopy. I asked for the colonoscopy (yes, you read that right. Even my G.I was shocked, "You WANT a colonoscopy??") because of the problems with my stomach, and well, I'm a safety girl.

I've been through the endoscopy before. I was awake, it was uncomfortable as all hell, I kept choking because I have a very sensitive gag reflex (even the freezing didn't help much) and I don't think the doctor knew shit (the same guy told me I have stomach problems because I "ate too much" and to "stop eating"). Yeah, he was exuding intelligence. Apparently for this endoscopy I'll be asleep. Nice change.

I love (LOVE) my current G.I. He has a hellish sense of humour, he seems intelligent and knows his stuff and I have full confidence in him going forward (oops..corporate terms. Sorry A.).

I've just made my Jell-o for the clear diet I'm going to be on the next 2 days (good times; can you see how excited I am about this?). Gatorade is chilling in the fridge. Oh! I forgot the apple juice *goes to throw that in the fridge, too*. I still need to obtain chicken broth. I really should do that tonight. I also have to start prepping tonight, so who knows what condition I'll be in tomorrow morning.

Anyways, I'm getting anxious and kinda nervous. I know it's not a big deal, but other minor things I've had as an out-patient I've been awake for and in full control, and not as invasive. I've also not had to go on a clear liquid diet for 2 days straight and I'm worried about my sugar levels (I'm hypoglycemic) without any 'real' food.

So I thought what better way to calm my anxiousness/nervousness, than by 'talking' about it. Heh. I'd appreciate any 'good lucks', 'hang in there's', positive thoughts, prayers, whatever ya got. :)

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Bix said...

Good luck!

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