Sunday, October 18, 2009

Autumn Days

Went for a walk in the park after I got back from Mass & breakfast. It's such a beautiful day, how could I resist? I was surrounded by a ground that was a sea of gold. I sat on a bench that was a bit in the sun and just people-watched. Everywhere, people were taking pictures. I was surrounded by families and couples (and dogs). It was a good day for it. I even had a family with a hired photographer set up behind me. They were literally 5 feet behind me and although I was enjoying my time sitting there, I felt I was in their space (though technically they were in mine, but I digress). So I left and let them have the bench. Took a last tour around the park and walked home. Leaves were covering the pathway and I intentionally swept my feet in them with child-like abandon. Found a street with lots of leaves on the sidewalk *swoosh, swoosh, swoosh*. It was fun :) I left a lot less tense than I began.

I'm back home now. Opened the window a couple inches. Babu (my cat) stuck his head through it breathing in the fresh air. I've started laundry and I have plenty more I could be doing, but I'm not doing it. Dunno why. I'll be starting my roast soon for dinner. Looking forward to that.

Hope everyone's enjoying their day.

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