Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ramblings About the Weather, Work and Weekends

What a *fantastic* sunny day to wake up to. Finally! In these parts, we've been getting rain several days in a row. It's been quite droll. I haven't cared lately when someone asks me what I'm doing for my long weekend plans, for the hundredth time ("working"), but today made me miss what I'm going to miss. A nice sunny, cool, crisp autumn day. No dinners. No turkey. No family. No cooking myself, which is odd. I usually have a few set friends over for a dinner and cook a turkey myself (which I enjoy), but working 6 days a week and one weekend off a month, leaves me with lack of time. I shall go for a walk today, though, and soak up some of that wonderful sun.

Going semi-dairy free so far this week has been positive. No setbacks. I miss milk, but I'm not craving it. I'm not noticing any g.i irregularities, things are the same, but it's only been a few days. I haven't developed a nervous twitch yet :)

There have been some things going on at work that I've been hesitant to talk about here, but now that I've come to terms about it a bit (read: not really), I'm ready to discuss it. Maybe someone will have an idea what's wrong. Or y'all might just think I'm crazy :)

I've been reading things incorrectly. Say, when I'm delivering a meal, I'll read the ticket room number/bed number and deliver to said patient. Except, I'm reading the room number wrong. I start super-imposing numbers. For example: I will "see" (room) 556-1 (bed one). I'll read the ticket 3 times, secure in the fact the ticket said rm. 556. When in fact the rm. is 558. I mis-delivered a tray the other night because of this with consequences to the patient (details witheld). Not severe, but important enough to cause a possible incident. I was cornered on it by the head nurse and there will be an incident report on my record. I don't even care about the report at this stage, I'm just worried about the patient. I've noticed myself doing this for a while now (this was just the first time I got caught). I did it again later that night delivering snacks (for diabetics); read the ticket 3 TIMES, gowned up because it was an isolation room, got halfway in the room, read the ticket again to confirm the name, saw the room number was 543 NOT 541 that I was in. I felt like such an ass! I *don't* understand what's wrong. Last night I took my glasses to make sure I didn't mis-read anything, so who knows. It made my vision worse because I'm not used to walking around with them (just used for the computer or reading sometimes). I'm wondering if my increased clumsiness, minor headaches and mis-reading is connected somehow. I now see myself as a liability; if I mis-deliver a tray to the wrong person (perhaps someone who has allergies), the results could be.. disasterous. I know I'm not dislexic, I read fine. So is it vision? Is it cognitive? I don't know.

Well, on that note after bearing my soul, I think I'm gonna get bundled up and go for that walk. There's a nice clear blue sky with those fluffy white clouds :) The park with be gorgeous with the leaves changing. And that's where you shall find me....

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