Saturday, October 17, 2009

Slight Musings About the World Around Me

When I came back from my errands today I noticed a couple of flyers lying around the mailbox area (and I don't mean grocery flyers, just those small advertisements for glasses, or pizza, or whatever). There are a couple people in my building who have a sign on their mailbox such as "No Ad Mail". I started thinking. Apparently there's a list you can put yourself on to remove yourself from these mailings, or post aforementioned sign. But does this really solve the problem? People are trying to do this, for the most part, to reduce waste, right? But companies are still producing these flyers en masse, as well as the greenhouse gases they're emitting. Two people out of 50 in a building (and so on) isn't going to get the message across. So what's the answer?

I was just watching TV and I saw a commercial on muffins. Except, the muffins are in a container and you add things (eggs, etc) to the container and shake it and poof.. you have muffins. They save you from "no more mess" (but isn't that the fun of baking??). Using different tools, getting your hands dirty (so to speak). Am I the only one that's disturbed that you can make muffins in a tin?

Ahh well, The Dirty Dozen is on TV and that makes everything better :)

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