Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Dream

Last night I had a dream. It started out with me casually sitting with about 2-3 other people, starting to sing. I didn't start in right away, but about middle of the first song and I sounded pretty good (I was worried). It seemed we had talent and our friends told us we should sing publicly. So we booked a gig and played in front of a group of people, outside. As we were setting up, we were getting nervous. On the inside of wherever we were that we were playing, was a navy ship. I remember the tight spaces and corners. We finally went out to play and I got ready and into character (or what I thought would fit)... I stripped down right to my skivvies. Okay, less than that; I just had underwear on. Everything else was nekid. And when we started playing, I was so nervous, I didn't even sing. Not even the first song.. and people started getting mad and pelting things at us so we quit and left. There was another part of the dream after that I remember images but not what happened entirely.

Most of my dreams of late have ended in some sort of violence (including the other night when I dreamed I was at the opera and it ended with a tank coming through the orchestra).

There's your dose of randomness for the day.

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