Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The past couple weeks have been hectic. Maybe more than 2 weeks, but I can tell you the past 2 weeks for sure. I don't feel there's enough hours in the day. Yesterday was my only day off this week and I had so much planned, but didn't get to half of it. I didn't get to the church and I didn't get to the park (thanks to no sun coming out for me to take pictures) and I definitely didn't get to laundry; I was too tired.

I've been getting random texts from friends the past few nights on or after 1am. I swore last night if someone texted me at that time I'd break their fingers off. Thankfully no texts and it was only my body that kept me up repeatedly last night *sigh*.

J. came over last night, impromptu, with a couple of pumpkins and a bottle of wine. So, I channeled my inner child as we drank and carved :) It was fun. I'll try and take a pic of mine and post it. She's more in tune with her 'inner child' than I am and carved a goofy looking pumpkin :) I got in touch with my inner artist and did something a little more intricate. I'm sure it would have looked better than it does if I wasn't drinking :) Naturally, "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" was on last night and we watched that at the same time.

I bought a book yesterday; George Orwell's Animal Farm. Was having a discussion a couple weeks ago with a couple friends about what we read, I'd mentioned I don't read fiction as a rule, but I would like to get back into some of the classics and this was suggested to me. If you have any experience reading Orwell, please let me know how it's been. I fear I won't understand his writing. Is there a certain way I should approach it? etc..

Looks like another overcast day. I heard the rain this morning, that was nice.

Well, not much else to say, or lots to say but I'm just not sayin' it. Tell me how your week has been. I would love to hear it.


Tilly said...

I didn't read Animal Farm until a few years ago when I was living in Kitchener. I don't remember how I ended up at the library that day but I remember it was raining and I thought I would just sit down for a bit and flip through Animal Farm to see if I wanted to read it and to wait out the rain, and it wasn't until a few hours later when I finished reading it that I remembered that I was still sitting in the library. Great book, as I recall, I think you'll like it.

I like fiction because it allows for an examination of humanity and society through a non conventional lens. On the surface Animal Farm is about a group of animals who learn to talk and take over a farm, but under that it's about human nature and how power and corruption are linked and how society seems to require leadership but the leaders are so often untrustworthy, and does that dichotomy then negate the value of the society and leadership.

Yeah, great book to start your foray into fiction, whoever recommended it deserves a kudos. I'd say just leap in with an open mind and I think you'll enjoy it.

Bix said...

Animal Farm ... I haven't read it. You'll have blog about it as you go through it, maybe I'll put it on my list. Actually, from Tilly's wonderful synopsis, I may just pick it up.

Perovskia said...

Thanks, Tills! (She did do a good job of that, didn't she, Bix?). Will try to post about it along the way.

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