Saturday, August 28, 2010


Oh how the universe taunts me.

I woke up extra early this morning to go to market to get - as agreed upon (with a lady) - peaches for canning.  Mental note: market is much less busy at 0800 than 1100.  Anyhoo... I've been speaking with this lady for the past month about when the best time is for the right peaches for canning.  Finally, this was the week.  So last week she said she'd bring a very large basket (11 qt worth), slightly bruised peaches for a very affordable price. Deal.  I arrived at her stand early this morning and she didn't have them.  She completely forgot as her van was full with other produce.  I'm very glad you got to bring in new tomatoes and peaches and strawberries, but I was counting on those peaches.  I'd said to her, "And this was the only weekend I had off to can."  I was waiting for her to offer another regular basket discounted for the inconvenience, but I guess that was too much to ask.  She did offer a small basket, slightly bruised for $2, so I took that, plus a larger basket.  They'll have to sit out and ripen, now.  I'm off Tuesday, so maybe I can do it then.  She gave me some paper bags to speed up the ripening process, so I hope that helps (anyone know how long this takes?).  And if I don't have enough peaches, at this point I'll just buy them at the store.  The whole situation was starting to get stressful and right now I just can't deal, so, I'll do what I have to do.

I've also been toying with making and freezing pies.  I'm not really a big pie person, but I've had a huge urge to do this lately.  And cheesecake.  I want to make a cheesecake.

So, since my day has opened up a little, I think I'll enjoy a quiet day to myself.  I've got a boat-load of laundry to do and I want to finish cleaning/organizing my bedroom, etc that I started the other day.  Since I got rid of that 700lbs, I'm in quite the 'purging' mode and feel like cleaning the place out.  I've already deleted a lot of things off the computer.

How's your Saturday going?


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

To bad she forgot those peaches. It happens but I think she should have given You a discount on those peaches You bought instead.

Thunder, rain and hail here on Saturday so now I don´t have any tomatoeplants any longer :-)

Have a great day now!

Perovskia said...

Yeah, I mean, I'm over it now, but yes, the discount would have been nice.

Oh no! Sorry to hear about your tomato plants.

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