Saturday, August 14, 2010


I thought it's been a while since I've updated y'all on what's going on and it's quiet here this morning so it's the perfect opportunity.  Feeling a little 'blah' and tired today, though.  The barometric (I keep wanting to say bariatric.. ha!) pressure must be changing.  My fingers have been sore the past two days plus headaches up the wazoo.  Not cool.

Health: I don't think I gave much update on the sleep apnea/CPAP trial, did I?  The trial didn't go great but I did notice a little improvement.  After talking with the respirologist when I handed in the machine she said my numbers were very low and not to rush out and buy a machine right away (it would have costs me $672 if I did).  After some talking (and a long story short) I have been trying the Breathe Right nose strips and they're working miracles.  I'm sleeping through the night pretty much every night now, for the first time in months (if not years).  It's not bringing back full energy again, but a lot more than what I had.

Blood sugar has been maintaining at 'normal' levels (I quote normal because they don't always feel normal, despite the numbers).  Thinking something else is setting off other symptoms, but time will tell (and the appointment with the endocrinologist.  Is it November, yet?).

Warning, gurl stuff: Right, so, remember how I said I went off the pill and things were going fine?  I was on a 45-day cycle and loving it.  When it came it was short.  Ahh..bliss.  Well, I went to the doc to make sure it was normal and she didn't have any real concerns.  She ordered a pelvic ultrasound just in case but I had to cancel it.  It seems my monthly came sooner than expected and I've been having it now, as of today, 15 days straight.  Yeah.  15 DAYS!  WTF!?  To be fair, my body might take up to a year to regulate, I'm coming to terms with that now.  I was on the pill for a very, very long time so it has to learn all over again how to produce it's own cycle.  And somehow, God-willing, I have to be patient with that.  I have confidence it will make me anemic again and I'm taking a pre-emptive and upping my B12 and perhaps also my iron, now that I think of it.  I'm just not feelin' great, y'know?  2 weeks is a long time.  /whining

Work: Meh.  Things have calmed down a bit and it's pretty much SSDD.  Our change in hours (reduction) will be happening next month.  Not looking forward to that without something else to back it up.  I'm not in panic-mode yet, though.

There's a change coming in the fall.  I'm not sure with what, but it's coming.

I made it out to C.Z's farm last weekend.  We went to Mass in her neighbourhood (pics of a lovely church I will have to post sometime) and back to the house for a very yummy lunch.  Not all the siblings were there and there were some of us who were friends... plus the priest they invited back for lunch (I didn't think anybody did that anymore!).  Father K. came to talk to me after, as we were all standing around, saying goodbyes, talking, etc.  He commented how he enjoyed himself and he tried counting how many of us there were at the table.  "18," I said.  "I counted."  We were in amazement.  "Well that's a lot of people.  But they're fun, aren't they?" To which I replied, "Yes. I love visiting. I count myself thankful to be around such a loving and caring family."  :)  I didn't get to see the jersey's.  Didn't have the time, or proper shoes for that fact.

This weekend has just been working.  Nothing special.  Oh... I walked in on a dead body at work a couple days ago.  That was fun.  Had the tray in my hand and was about to walk in and say, "Hello Mrs. G! How are you?" except when I walked in the curtain was pulled around her bed.  That's not usual for her and that was red flag #1.  I peaked in, anyways and thought to myself, 'She doesn't look very good' but one never knows so I set the tray down anyways.  Came out and talked to a nurse and asked if she was still alive.  She in fact, was not and hadn't been for a few hours.  That's...... fantastic.  It was a surprise to me; she was doing well last I saw.  Not great, but not anything near what I'd classify as dead.  And for some reason it didn't bother me.  That in itself, bothers me.  Am I becoming more desensitized?  Am I caring less?  Neither of those options can be good.  This has been in the back of my mind.

I think I'm done blogging for the day.  Hope everyone has a great Saturday.  Stay out of the heat :)


Bix said...

There's something about that story about Mrs. G. that I liked. If you didn't think she was doing too badly last time you saw her, maybe her transition wasn't traumatic?

Perovskia said...

Perhaps. It's hard to say. I mean, she wasn't in the hospital TOO long, so I didn't get too attached. Now, if it was the lady in the other bed, I would have been upset. If I'm not on my floor for a few days (which is odd, but has been happening lately), I'll go down and say hi to her.

Glad you liked the story, though :)

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