Friday, August 13, 2010

Tonight You Get A Piece Of Me

There's been a bit of a surreal feeling lately.  The common word for the past 2-3 days is 'synchronicity' (look, I'm even giving it its own label).  And every time I spell the word it gets underlined in red and the web is telling me it's not a real word.  Too bad.  It's fitting so I'm going to use it. I had lunch with a girlfriend a couple days ago (we've known each other since high school, but haven't seen each other since then) and we talked about how well her life is going and how everything's fallen into place; that there was a sort of.. synchronicity.. in the universe.  When she moved to another city for a job, there were random, though similar events (sorry, sounds odd and vague but I don't want to give away details to her life) that lead her to where she is now. Then the 'synchronicity' topic got pulled into conversation when I met someone for coffee last night; a series of random, yet similar events that lead to... how things should be (for lack of better terms).  Or perhaps, that things are going along as they should.  Does any of this make sense?  I hope so.  I'm not sure how else to describe it.  I just... can't wrap my head around all this.  It's like two worlds colliding.  Or is it meshing?

Random fact and question for the day: is it possible to meet with someone for coffee (someone you're meeting for the first time) and come home and realize there's something missing in your life?  That this person 'pulled' that feeling from you?  I can't articulate what this feeling is.  I can identify it's emotional.  I was just talking about it with a friend and I described it as, "... like something familiar was taken away from you and then there's that void".  Whatever that *void* is.  Even talking about it now I can feel it.  It's in my solar plexus.  I know what I've felt there before and it makes me leery.  I had a feeling this person was going to be significant but I wasn't sure how.

On a separate side note, a friend texted me they were having not only a bad day, but a bad week.  My reply was brief, although sympathetic.  It wasn't enough of what this person needed and I got a little yelled at (don't worry, I didn't take it personally; we're cool with each other like that).  Apparently they needed to talk and I didn't fill that need right away for them.  I've been called on this before.  Listen, I can't effing read minds.  If you need to talk, tell me.  Having said that, perhaps I should have inquired more.  I don't know.  I was in the middle of a movie (an emotional one for me) and my mind was somewhere else (trying to escape from my own day).

It's been a weird day and I'm spent.  'Night.


hydra said...

I am a great believer in synchronicity. See, that red wiggly line again! As for that solar plexus feeling, that usually happens when there is some sort of astral or spiritual link going on. I know what you mean about needy people imposing their stuff on you when you're not in the mood. It happened to me today. I'd just started work, not having worked for two days as I was too ill with a virus, and Mr Windbag called me and droned on and on about the problems with his wretched book and what was I going to do to help him. In vain did I tell him several times that it was a bad time and he was working. Then suddenly he said, 'Gotta go, my toast is ready. I ask you! His toast more important than my work? Hah! (Rant over.)

Perovskia said...

I like rants :)

The solar plexus feeling is felt in me by very, very few people. The ex, for one. Still do. Never knew what it meant, I just accepted it.

I fear to say the 's' word lest I get that red, squiggly line! :)

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