Sunday, August 22, 2010

Quiet Sunday

I don't have much to write about today.  It's been overcast and rainy/drizzling so it makes for a quiet day. Just came back from Mass & breakfast with a friend (always a good time and lots of laughs). He makes the strangest food combinations you'll ever see.  The secret is, I've tried and liked some of them. Today was salt on (rye) toast.  I'm not even joking (Bix, I know your stomach is churning.. all that salt intake!).  But fear not; it's not a lot of salt, just a sprinkle.  It brought out the flavour more, it was quite nice.  Excuse me while I go have a heart-attack now.  If you want to know other food combinations you'll have to ask - I don't want to gross anyone out if they have a sensitive stomach :)

Regardless of how social I've been lately and how much human contact I've had the past week, I can still feel lonely and alone.  I don't care for that.  The gloomy weather isn't helping.  I'd like some sun now, please. kthanks.

Meh.  Kind of blah today, so I'm going to go take my blah self and get ready for work.  It's my Friday, so I get to relax a bit tomorrow.  Then I'm on for another 4 days until the weekend.

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