Saturday, December 25, 2010


Boy, that took a lot out of my voice box.  It's broaching on 2am and I'm just sitting with a tea and honey post-midnight Mass.  We sang for what seemed almost an hour straight.  To top it off, we sang Handel's Messiah at the end.  We rocked it, though I have to say with our sparse choir, we didn't sound quite like this (I love that performance, btw).  It's hard not to get excited when performing that piece :)  We sang it at the very end and people just crowded around in droves watching us.  Ack!  Pressure to perform! (okay, I might have liked it a bit, I won't lie) :)

Aaaand.. it's starting to hit me so I'm gonna get to bed.  Back to sing it all again tomorrow!  Can't wait.


Bix said...

Do you dress in evening gowns?

That sure is powerful.

Perovskia said...

We don't, but we do dress up.

It is, isn't it? :)

Anonymous said...

Händel´s Messiah is fantastic! and fantastic fun to sing :-)

Have a Good Yule!

Perovskia said...

It really is fun!
Thanks Christer. Hope you've had a Good Yule, too.

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