Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Waiting For A Lull

Isn't it the way?  I complain I don't have plans with friends or family for Christmas and every day this week I've filled my social calendar in some way or form.  It's keeping me happy and not at all lonely.  Well, as much anyways.  My ideal Christmas morning would be waking up in someone's arms, but we can't always have what we want, can we?

I'm actually looking forward to some quiet time Christmas Day, Boxing Day if I have to have it; there is a ton of stuff around the apartment I'd like to do - including lounging around and getting into a book or two that have been waiting for me (for months, now).  I'll cuddle up with a nice blanket and a hot chocolate or two.  My room looks like a tornado has gone through it, so I could clean that, too.  Pop in a movie or two.  Snuggle Babu.  I'll fill the time.

Which reminds me, I took a few pics of Babu yesterday, I will upload them soon.

What are your plans?  Are you having holiday stress?  No stress?  Too many gatherings?  Not enough?  I wish you to be surrounded by love, whatever it is you're doing.


Bix said...

All those things sound great ... lounging!, reading, snuggling Babu, hot chocolate. Today is my lull day so I may do some of them. I'll still have cooking to do (which, as much as I like it can be a chore), and cleaning (which is always just a chore).

What is Boxing Day?

Perovskia said...

Ha.. cooking can be enjoyable and a chore. And the post-cooking cleaning. Ugh. Need some help? :)

As in.. define Boxing Day? You don't have it there? Lessee... Good 'ol Wiki to the rescue. You guys are like, the only ones that don't acknowledge it.. lol.

Basically some use it as a shopping day (there are a TON of sales; the retail market really cashes in on it) and an extra day to spend with family (we used to hold our family Christmas dinner on Boxing Day).

Bix said...

We don't celebrate Boxing Day here, or at least I don't. I vaguely recall it from my past, but that was long ago and far away, it's faded. I like that the "box" is about giving. But I can see how that would turn into a retail frenzy.

Perovskia said...

It really does and it drives me nuts. I hate how commercial Christmas is. I like that it's about family.

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