Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm At It Again

Well, I've kept it a 'secret' because if I talked about it, I wouldn't do it/go through with it (I'm funny like that. I'm all talk in my head and sometimes I over-talk things and never physically carry them out).

Tonight I went to my first yoga class.

Post-assessment, I'm feeling very tired.  My stomach is a little angry with me (part bloated/PMS, part IBS saying 'what the hell was that').  So tired.  But I felt good after class and otherwise continue feeling so.  I'm carrying myself better, I'm not rushing and I'm more mindful of my steps. But can I have my bed now, please?

I have laundry to put away and a small dinner to make before I have an early bedtime.

Just wanted to share :)

Edit:  Gah.  I totally forgot half the reason why I started writing this.  Just when I thought I was done learning, I've thrown myself with propulsion into yet another class, another learning activity.  And it happened right under my very nose.  It seems a lot of what I do is without much thought and just seems sort of... automatic.  I guess I'm not done learning after all, right when I thought I was.


Bix said...

You're so motivated. Maybe I'll get back to yoga then. Love the peace of mind it brings.

Perovskia said...

It's a great idea :) I used to be flexible. I'm slowly starting to see how tight I've gotten over the years. Oops :)

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