Thursday, January 6, 2011

Throwing Away

I've stopped to blog as I just threw out 2 old map books.  One was local, from 2004 (from when I moved to the area I presume) and one was Toronto, 2001.  The Toronto book was a hard one to throw away.  I flipped through the pages, what was paper-clipped for quick/frequent access and memories and emotions flooded me.  A first name and phone number on a piece of paper (whom I can't remember now).  How can we feel apprehension discarding an inanimate object?  It's so stupid; but I've had a lot of emotional ties to that book.  It took me a lot of places to a lot of people.  I felt a sense of dread as I threw it out.  Panic.  What was I doing?  (After taking the spiral out and discarding half in recycling) I questioned if I was I doing the right thing.  Maybe I should hang onto it?  Maybe I wasn't ready to let go of those memories just yet.

I threw the remaining pages in the recycling, shut the lid on the container and walked away.

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hydra said...

I can't bear to throw out old address books, even though I know people are no longer at those addresses. I feel I'm throwing away people and places and not just paper.

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