Monday, January 24, 2011

Laissez-Faire, I Am Not

I'm looking outside at the nice snowfall.  The temperature is supposed to rise and rise to a balmy -2C overnight. Joyous.  I won't be freezing my ass off whenever I walk somewhere.

I think I'll make a tea; I'm feeling something in my throat.  Serves me right; I haven't taken orange juice or my vitamin C or D for a few days, I think.

I was sitting back reading my French cookbook and I've found another recipe to tackle - Tarte au Citron.  I can't wait.  It causes me to buy a zester and a tart pan (with removable bottom, that I was going to use for another chocolate tart recipe anyways).  Oh, darn ;)

It got me thinking more; everything that interests me isn't of things around me or of things that SHOULD interest me.  For instance, I'm naturally drawn to Italian language, French cooking/baking & decorating and both lifestyles.  Neither are Canadian (though I dare you to define 'Canadian') and neither are traditionally Dutch (father's side) or Scottish (mother's).  I do have a slight affinity for some things Scottish/Celtic, but it's minimal.  My ex was intensely German, but I don't know if that counts for anything (I tried the language with success, but not keeping it up it lost its luster).  The only thing geographically correct about me is my location!

Bleh.  I've had a few things to write about, but I've got an awful lot on my mind lately and since I've started this post, I've gotten sidetracked several times.  I've been completely absent-minded today and not with it at all (forgetting things, not seeing things I need that are right in front of me).  I had a bit of an emotional time on the mat this morning so.. maybe I just need to not do anything the rest of the day.  I'm going to a movie soon (The King's Speech) so I'll just chill until then.

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