Saturday, January 22, 2011

Some Pictures..

Well, I'm uploading some pics from the past week.  A few Babu shots, cause, why not?  And of some baking I did.  I made an Almond Raspberry Clafoutis from a French cookbook.  It was DIVINE.  Out of the oven and warm it was.... mmm.  I also made a Creme Anglaise but I haven't taken pics of that yet (and it's almost gone!).  So, nothing fancy this week, just some random shots.

He has moments where he goes a little cat crazy and climbs the walls.  Really.  Maybe it's the ghosts playing with him.

See?  I don't know what he's looking at.

I walked in the door when I came home from work and this is what was waiting for me.  LOL.  I thought he was so cute with his head popping out I had to drop everything and take a pic.  Sorry it's grainy.

Eye spy with my little eye, someone that is... sleeping.

Unfortunately, the next few pics might be a bit blurry; it was before I changed the setting on my camera (to ISO 400).  Babu likes playing with bubbles.  He gets meowing and paws at them or lets them burst on his nose.

"Argh!  Give me more bubbles!!"

"... Please?"

"What? You're going to brush me instead? Great! I love trying to eat my brush that has a hundred sharp, spiky, metal things on it".  

Raspberry Almond Clafoutis.  Yum.

It would have looked prettier if I had raspberry sauce swirled on the plate, yes?  It was dusted with icing sugar and I fear it's all escaped into the white plate; you can barely see it.  (It's okay, it didn't stay on the plate long anyways; I had two pieces. Shh!)


Jane Lancaster said...

Hi, I've just started following you! Hope you don't mind. I am compelled to comment on two things here. 1. The colour of your walls is very similar to my sister Pam's home (killed in 2008) 2. your cat is just like her cat. Makes me feel her...thanks!

Perovskia said...

Hi Jane! Thanks so much for posting (and following!). What a blessing. I'm glad I could be here to help you feel your sister's spirit.

*un/familiar hugs from a stranger*

Jane Lancaster said...

thanks.. I need a hug today. And a piece of THAT cake too!!!!

Perovskia said...

You're more than welcome.

Ah, it was divine!

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