Sunday, September 13, 2009

And Going and Going....

Saturday, Pt. II....

Met a friend for an appetizingly organic lunch, I came home, relaxed a bit and went out and hit the Jazz Festival. There were a few acts I wanted to check out and I went to what was free (there was a tent downtown with free entry that housed a few performances).

The first act I saw at 2:00 was Michael Occhipinti's, Sicilian Jazz Project. They were *fantastic*. They gave me goosebumps. So I bought their CD. What an amazing mix of sounds, and it was so smooth and harmonious. His music is inspired by 1050's Sicily.

I'd gotten enough fresh air at that point and came home for a bit of a re-charge. Went back out for the next one I wanted to see at 7:30, Jean Derome Evidence Trio (they're from Quebec). They have a heavy Thelonious Monk influence; very nice. I enjoyed them.

Then the last group I saw was Odessa/Havana. Very, very good. I don't know that I'd buy their CD, but they were fantastic to watch and listen to live. I would see them again. Very lively, with a Cuban influence. Salsa, baby!

So I was outside most of today and tonight from 7:30-10:30. I'm freakin dead. I feel like I've been drinking and I haven't had a drop. I'm going to go to bed very soon. It was nice to get out and be amongst people today, in a venue I'm very interested in. I'm even thinking about becoming a member for the Jazz Festival (donating) and/or volunteering next year. Something to think about.

Later Edit: Right, I was too tired last night and forgot about this. Tills locked herself out of her apartment yesterday (hence the comment below). Luckily we're sort of in the same building, so she came to crash here for a bit. She then felt adventurous and climbed out of my kitchen window, onto the roof, down the ladder, across the roof to her window, which took forever to break into, but with the help of some screwdrivers from me, got the screen in. It was crazy.


Tilly said...

Dude, thanks for helping me Macgyver my way back in this afternoon, I owe you a big one! And yes, my screen is now definitely warped and I can't really close the window all the way because of it but still, the break and enter was a success! Woo! (Good thing too 'cause Alan didn't call me back until after 6pm, apparently they were out of town all day.)

Perovskia said...

Glad I could be of service helping you break in! lol. You gonna tell Alan about that screen? It's gonna get a bit chilly in the winter :)

Tilly said...

Well, as it happens I locked myself out again this weekend, only you weren't home! I got lucky though, someone had propped open the door to get up to your side as they were moving some stuff in, so I got up there, jumped out the window on the landing in the hall, climbed up the one ladder, across the roof, down the other ladder and into my window again. Woo! Look at me and my bad self!

Course, I didn't have screwdrivers handy so I had to muscle my way through the screen that I had just put back up that morning, so now it's reeeeally warped and I don't want to call Alan about it 'cause I feel bad that I busted it. And it is nice to have the screen off as a sort of insurance in case I need to bust in again. Though I'm so paranoid about locking myself out now that I carry my keys around constantly, even when I'm not planning to leave the house, but that's not the point!

...What was the point? ....Hmm. Horay Macgyver?

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