Thursday, September 24, 2009

Health and Venting

I'll get the easiest thing off my mind first.

I'm looking at alternatives for breakfast. Instead of the usual cereal, I mean. I'll have to look for the same carbohydrate count, if not slightly more (and include more protein). I usually just have milk, cereal (Special K) with a banana cut into it. I'd like to incorporate more variety, but I've always feared I won't feel as full. Really, cereal doesn't do much either, but for the sake of argument. Anyways, if you have any suggestions, it's appreciated.


I found out from a co-worker that if we develop the flu, we're forced 7 days off. SEVEN DAYS. Who the hell can afford 7 days? Some of us can't even save for that. I don't know that there's a clause signed for such events but I know they want you to get your flu shot. This is a hell of a way of making you get it. But even if one gets the flu shot, and one gets the flu, is one protected from the 7 days off? Are they still mandated to 'police' you? Even after the 7 days they still have to 'clear' you, and that may take longer than the original 7. I stay away from vaccine's like the plague. I don't believe in them. It's bad enough they practically forced me to get some a couple years back when I started (my second MMR, tetanus and hepatitis, I believe). Ugh! I'm just.. livid!



Bix said...

What that will do, mandating it, is make people come to work sick.

Did they say how they will enforce it? Do they take temperatures?

What they should do is pay you to stay home.

Perovskia said...

Ha. They *should* pay us to stay home, but I'm sure there's a clause in their stupid little union handbook saying they don't have to. I'm part-time, so they don't have to pay.

When you call in sick to your department, they notify Employee Health (or so I found this week). Employee Health calls you to find out your symptoms. If you have symptoms that can be of a more serious, communicable nature (i.e - flu, Norwalk, etc), you're ordered off for x-amount of days. They then have to CLEAR you when you're free of said symptoms (oh, don't worry, they'll call!) to return to work.

lol.. EH called me yesterday morning; we discussed me getting better (no fever, no muscle aches, etc) and she said, "Well, I guess I can clear you. Call your department to let them know you're returning". Me, "I already did". Pfft. Don't tell me when I can and can't go back to work. This...policing.. has me up in arms. Where are my rights?

Bix said...

Wow. That's a tight ship. I can see why you're disgruntled.

It does seem to be breaching some kind of patient rights to have to divulge your symptoms.

Perovskia said...

It does. And I understand what they're trying to do. In all honesty, I don't want to get my co-workers sick and I'll refrain from work if I'm the walking dead... but DON'T tell me when I can/can't work.

It got even better today. We received an email from our Dept. head about Personal days - what the criteria consists of and if our cause fits said criteria. They need to know *why* we're taking a day off. I'm sorry, but the term 'Personal day' means PERSONAL DAY. I don't have to explain why I'm taking a personal day off, if its for reasonable, personal reasons. I'm sorry if someone else f'd up playing hooky and you're penalizing the rest of us.

UGH!! This policing is b.s and I'm about done.


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