Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A.W.O.L...and Babble

The plague of death has kept me from posting anything as of late. Okay, it hasn't been *that* bad, but it has taken me out for a couple days (which means missing a day of work..sigh). I really should be napping right now, but I'm too fidgety. I'm keeping my energy level to a minimum, though. It tires me out to do much anyways, right now.

I'm going to back up my co-worker about what she said about if an unfamiliar ingredient is in what she's consuming, she probably doesn't want it anyways. It's not an ignorant comment. It's coming from a mentality of having a whole foods/raw foods diet. When you go to the store, is there an ingredient list for broccoli? No.

House had a good premiere on the other night. I thoroughly enjoyed that.

I'm a little upset Dancing With the Stars is on on Tuesdays, now. It interferes with Hell's Kitchen. I forgot all about The F Word. Damn. Well, Hell's Kitchen is almost over (or is it completely over? I missed the last half of last night's show). I don't watch a lot of TV but I do have my favourites.

Studies are going well. I've gone from consistencies of diets (dysphagia, pureed, soft, DAT's, etc) and now I'm on allergies/intolerances (discussing the differences of each, reactions, etc). People usually have intolerances, not allergies (when they think they do) and allergies are an immune reaction, where intolerances are a non-immune reaction. There's your lesson for today :)

Well, not much else to say today. I had a shower which was refreshing and let up some of the congestion. But I hate being alone and sick. I'd like, for one day, someone to take care of me. Ah well, that's a thought best saved for offline.

Hope y'all are having a good week.

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