Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just Cause..

It's funny when you get a new camera, you can't stop taking pictures.

Babu sniffing the marjoram.

I forgot to post this girl with the farm pics.  A jersey.

One of the paths home from work, down by the river.  I'm not sure what these flowers are but they're all over the place.

A bumblebee on said flowers :)

A close-up.


I get followed on the way home sometimes.  This one was friendly enough to roll around for a scratch.

And this one ran right up to me.  I think it's the same stray I saw in the winter.  Poor little guy was kicked out of his home, I think.  Seemed nervous to be out on his own.  Now, he seems well-versed in the ways of the wild.  A tough survivor, this one.

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