Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Monsanto, Obama and Organics

After having read today's article, "Monsanto's Poison Pills for Haiti", I'm left a little discouraged and sad (it's an important read, if you have the time, not terribly long).  I get a little more sad when I hear Obama vow's for the importance of having organic foods and Michelle Obama's organic White House garden, then remember he's stacked the deck in the Senate and Supreme Court full of ex-Monsanto people.  He's a double-talker.  Oh, surprise, he's a politician.   /sarcasm

I look back at the last few months where some of my eating habits have changed.  Organic has really taken a part of my life.  It's been such a smooth transition, barely noticeable.  I can't remember when I started eating organic...maybe fall last year?  My knowledge has broadened, my choices more informed.  Maybe I've become more careful of what I put in my body because of all my health issues.  Part of it is, "I've had these issues for years and don't want them anymore so must find ways to change" to, "I'm not getting any younger.  The older I get, sometimes, the more problems I notice" and part just really wanting to take care of the only body I have.  I refuse - consciously - to become a health nut.  First, it's not my way (well honestly, I go through phases, but they're rare).  Second, I've just witnessed through my aunt's stroke and my father's cancer that it doesn't matter how well you take care of yourself, illness and chances of death can still happen.  So sure, I'll snack on chocolate, I'll have a couple extra cookies but I'll try to make the majority of the food I consume healthy and life-sustaining.

As a side note, I found this website today - the Organic Consumers Association.  It's U.S-based and seems to have good information, articles.  There are also different newsletters you can sign up for, too.  While I'm on the web page train, I found this site not too long ago.. Organic A to Z.  Great stuff on here (including an entry on why to use cast iron over teflon - which I already knew, but gave me the right motivation at the time to change).  I'm just disappointed it hasn't been written in lately.

Well, I've stopped scouring the interwebs for organic stuff.  I'm coming across too much about BP and it makes me so sad.  Maybe Bishop U. was right.. I'm developing a sensitive conscience.  Ugh.


hydra said...

I get organic fruit and veg delivered every 3 weeks (can't afford it more often). It makes me feel I'm getting some good stuff down me. Wish my partner would eat organic, but he refuses. He's convinced it's hyped up and no better than supermarket stuff and I can't convince him otherwise. Men!

Perovskia said...

I understand about not affording it - it's not cheap. But I think it's great you're incorporating it when you can.

Refuses to eat organic, eh? Show him the documentary Food Inc. :)

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