Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Pictures

Just 'cause I don't feel like writing about anything yet, I thought I'd share some pictures.


The view from my pew.  I sit near the front of the church.  Someday I'll get a picture from the back.  Our church is huge.  Seats something like, 1000-2000 or something crazy like that.

Another view.  The stained glass there is from Germany.  At the sides of the church (pics to come), it's from England.  The Mary statue, which may be difficult to see unless you enlarge, is made of marble, as is the Communion rail.  I think the pillars are marble or granite; I can't remember right now.


paul said...

Very beautiful... Granite in Calgary

Perovskia said...

Hello, Paul! Welcome.

You're right, they are granite (the first two near the altar seem marble, but the rest are polished granite).. and you seem to be one up on me knowing they come from Calgary. Thanks!

hydra said...

Absolutely beautiful church. What a wonderful, awe-inspiring atmosphere it must have. I should imagine that as you sit there, your mind clears and fills with peace.

Perovskia said...

Thanks Hydra. It's such an architecturally fantastic church. Peace, yes, but even the best of us wander (our minds) during Mass. :)

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