Monday, June 28, 2010

A New Week

Well, yet a new week begins.

Sorry for being quiet lately.  Been a little busy and haven't had much to say.  All the new issues have settled and as I'm not "okay" with them, per se, I'm not freaking out anymore :)  My mind has been constantly going non-stop, though and I'm ready any day now for it to settle down.  But, this is how I work.

Had a great weekend... and it's still going!  Friday night I just stayed in.  Spoke with a guy who messaged me off a dating site and we sat online and talked for 4 hours.  After that I thought it was okay to meet him, so we discussed getting together Saturday.  Saturday morning I went to market with a friend and bought a flat of strawberries (wasn't sure how much I'd need for jam.. all I wrote down was "6 lbs".. which is a lot).  I couldn't understand last time I made them (per my notes), why I'd want to make 24 jars.  Anyhoo.. I had a bunch of things going on Saturday and although I wasn't able to make the jam, I was able to crush the berries (so the whole berry wouldn't go bad in the fridge).  Saturday night S. and I decided we'd have that first date and picked a place downtown to meet.  It went really, really well.  I think we sat through 2 dinner services and we closed the place down.  Talked for just over 2.5 hrs.  He had to get home and get some rest for work, so we parted ways with a kiss and a hug and I walked home with a smile on my face.  Now, we each had the poached chicken and I got a little sick off it (that evening and the next morning), but it passed quickly. We've talked a little since, but he's on nights for a few days so communication will be low.  I'm anxious and scared at the same time... but as long as it goes slow.. I'm happy to see where it goes :)  I'll keep you posted!

Sunday was Mass, then breakfast with a few friends (CZ, her boyfriend and a mutual friend of ours who was home from out-of-town).  Laughs were had by all, though I think we were all tired, so things seemed funnier than normal :)  Went to Symphony in the Park and that was nice.  Some sun, some clouds, some rain but very enjoyable.  Came home, had a light dinner and finished the rest of the jam.

All washed and cut up, ready for crushing.  I started crushing them with a potato masher, but finished them off a bit with a hand-held blender. I prefer my jam more smooth and chunk-free.

Yes.. 20 jars of jam.  I had enough strawberries for the total yield, 24, but ran out of sugar (that's a long story).  As it is, I think it'll take me a while to go through these.

Finished jam, spoke to a friend and had a relaxing evening.  Today will be used to finish cleaning the place up (my OCD is getting the better of me) and do laundry, dishes, all the fun stuff.

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope it goes fast! :)


Bix said...

"suzie homemaker" :)

You're so talented. Your own strawberry jam. I'll be honest, that looks delicious.

Perovskia said...


Thanks, Bix :)

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