Sunday, April 18, 2010

Birthday Weekend

Happy Birthday to meeeeeee :)

It's been a good weekend so far.  I'm tired as hell, I'm not gonna lie.  But spending it with friends has been wonderful.  Thursday was lunch.  Friday night was coffee.  Yesterday was the convent and dinner with different friends - and staying up late (and paying for it today).  Today is Mass and I hope to slip in laundry at some point, I'm awfully due.  Then hopefully dinner with friends tonight - looking forward to that.

The convent was really good.  We missed Mass, but we got there in time for lunch (what better time?).  It was like an old lady social.. heh.  I miss those.  I'd go to a bunch of bazaars and craft shows and stuff with my mom or grandma when I was younger.  I'll tell you something odd, though.  They had a bunch of finger foods, right?  Sandwiches, cut up vegetables, squares (desserts), etc. and I don't know how long it's been since I've touched raw food with my hands (it's a no-no at the hospital y'see) and it felt so weird :)  I told my friend who was ahead of me that it felt so wrong :)  This is what working at a hospital has done - turn me into a germaphobe :)  Anyhoo...we watched a video, "A Day in the Life" sort of deal.  Stayed in the chapel and prayed.  A lot.  Spoke with a couple of the sisters one-on-one; they're very nice.  It was a very peaceful sort of place.  I took a liking to it.

Whatever shall I wear today.

I'm a little sad :(  I can't tell you why; I don't know.  I'm missing something.  I want a hug.  I want lots of hugs. Maybe just a little lonely today, is all.

Well, best to decide my apparel for the day.  I have a feeling it'll take a while.

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