Thursday, April 15, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well, tonight's the sleep study.  I'm hoping to sleep well since I'm very tired and last night's sleep was shite.  I work until 19:30, will eat, then arrive at sleep lab (in same hospital, conveniently) at 20:25.  The rooms in the sleep lab here are nice - I used to clean them when I was in housekeeping.  They're sort of cozy, as far as a hospital goes.

Plans are shaping up quickly for my birthday weekend.  Friday evening might have coffee with a friend/co-worker, Saturday morning I'll likely go visit a monastery  (they're having 'open doors' and Mass.  I forget what else is happening, but mostly quiet time. I've always wanted to see inside one and this is close by, so why not!).  Saturday afternoon I might go to Mass, then out with a friend for dinner Saturday night (its actually his birthday Sat), then maybe pick up some groceries.  Sunday morning is variable; I may or may not be going to my parents restaurant for Sunday brunch.  Sunday day is free (though I may have a visitor) and Sunday evening I'm going to dinner with a couple of very good friends (my 'third family' as it were).  Dinner is yet to be confirmed, though.

The weekend is so busy I don't think I'll have time to get my hair cut! :(  But I'm going to try, because it's starting to drive me nuts.

Well, I'd best get moving.  Have my physical this morning and then I'm meeting a friend for lunch (then work, then sleep study - is my head spinning yet?).

Since when did I get a social life?


hydra said...

Wow! You're really on the go. I am meeting up with an old boyfriend from the States on Sunday (he's bringing his girlfriend so no rekindled flames there!) and that's it till next Tuesday! Enjoy.

Perovskia said...

Meeting with old boyfriends is interesting - present girlfriend or not :) Hope it's a great visit.

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