Friday, April 30, 2010

Other Musings

I used an interesting new contraption today at physio - the neck collar.  You know those neck things you can buy so your head doesn't get stretched in an uncompromising/uncomfortable position when travelling?  Like that.  And felt.  And inflatable.  It decompresses your spine; so instead of having the habit of being hunched over, say, or some of us keep our head down too much - this raises it so it elongates your spine and takes some of the pressure off.  It was an interesting feeling.  I'm still reeling from the effects and keeping my head up and tall; shoulders down and back.  It's nice.

I was right; my gut was gnawing at me about cute guy and I found out more.  He did in fact lie.  He wasn't interested as I'm "not his type" (he doesn't even know me) and didn't know how to say no.  It's one thing that he tried to spare my feelings, I realize, but he sat and talked to me for an hour and a half - and lied the entire time.  So, ties have been cut.  I now have a zero tolerance for dishonesty.

My course work came today!  And it couldn't have come at a better time (distraction from current goings-on).  I'll dive right in and plan to finish it early.  Now I feel I can take the time to learn, instead of feeling rushed like the last two.  I want to do really, really well with these.  It's the last of it.

Funny anecdote; I got an order the other day for ice cream for a patient.  I noticed they were diabetic and had second thoughts (ice cream and diabetics? Tsk tsk) but I looked at the age of the patient and she was 90.  So really, she can have whatever the hell she wants*; I'm not going to stand in her way.  They didn't tell me what flavour she wanted so I took up one of each - vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.  I walk into the patients room, ice cream in hand and smiled.  She saw the ice cream and her eyes widen.  The conversation went like this...
"What flavour did you want?" I asked.
"Maple walnut!"
... I chuckle.  "That might be asking too much.  What other flavour would you like?"
"Done."  *handing her the ice cream*
*lol*  It still makes me laugh.  I love some of our older patients.  I told the nurses; they got a chuckle out of it, too.  Heavens, the other day I was delivering HS** nourishments and one older gentleman was trying to eat his sandwich right through the saran wrap!  I had to run back and undo it for him (he has Alzheimer's. He was going on a couple nights ago about if I would be so kind as to get the police because his car had been stolen. He was going to wait in the office until they came).  Right.  So next time when I delivered his sandwich I said, "Don't eat the plastic this time".  "Okay".

We're having wonderful weather today.  I wish I had a balcony at times like this.  No plans this weekend.  If my stomach shapes up (unlikely, it's been in really bad shape lately) I'd like to go for a walk.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.  I'm sure I'll be writing something at some point...

* Realize I would never give something to a patient that would jeopardize their health.  She hadn't eaten much dinner so I wasn't too worried about her sugar levels.
** H.S Nourishments - stands for 'hour of sleep'. It's a snack diabetics get after dinner and before bed.


hydra said...

Good for her! Hope I still have an appetite for ice cream at 90. Hell, I hope I GET to 90!

Perovskia said...

LOL.. I know, eh!

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